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Noble Bells Speak for Themselves

What’s in a Noble bell?  We use carefully selected, high quality alloys joined with high temperature, high strength silver solder.  Inside the bell is a specially designed stainless steel minimum motion clapper that enables the bell to ring with the slightest of movements.  Our fastening strap/bewit loop  is very durable and guarenteed unbreakable.  It also has our name stamped into it so you will know that you have a genuine Noble bell.

Another significant and often overlooked detail that is seldom found in bells made by other falconry bellmakers is ‘dual toned pairs’.  Having two significantly different tones is very helpful in the field.  Often, one tone or the other can be distinguished more easily over background noises that arise during the hunt such as wind, traffic etc.  Everyone’s hearing is a bit different so some people will hear one tone more easily than another.  When you have a group with you in the field therefore, dual tones can then also be an asset.  Besides that, when you hear a pair of ‘dual toned’ bells ringing, it just seems louder as your ears are hearing more than one tone.  In my 3 largest sizes, I invert one bell in each pair which gives a very significant tonal difference.  The inverted bell, having the ‘inner cup’ slotted has a much higher pitch.  These are very popular.   I do not invert the smaller sizes because experience has taught me that the pitch gets a bit higher than most people can hear well. 

Our standard metal combinations are Brass/Bronze and Brass/Nickel silver.  The Brass/Bronze have a slightly lower pitch than the Brass/Nickel silver, but both seem to have similar durability.  Some falconers have a definite preference for one over the other but it seems to be a matter of personal choice and hearing.  

New to my stock offering is TRI-METAL pairs.  Since Brass/Bronze and Brass/Nickel Silver have different tones, I include one of each in the pair for a nice ‘dual tone’ set.  No inverted bells are needed. 

A note on size numbers:  Most of the falconry dealers that carry my bells use my size numbers in their sales description, but not all.  Many buy only select sizes and a few use their own numbering system so be aware of that when you place your order.  I etch my size numbers on each bell just below the bewit loop so you can use that for future reference.  You may notice that I use only ‘odd’ numbers for my bell sizes.  The simple explanation for that is that I used to make ‘butt joint’ bells that fit as sizes in between these and were ‘even’ numbered.  I have discontinued these as the ‘lap joint’  (also called  ‘acorn style’)  that I continue to make are more durable and popular.

 I am often asked for recommendations on sizes for different birds.  Below I will list some popular choices but many people prefer to go down a size or two.  Remember though, as a general rule, larger bells are louder.  

Size 0, Merlin/Sharpie and possibly neck bell for Kestrel.   Size 1, male Coopers/ female Sparrow hawk.   Size 3, female Coopers/Aplomado.   Size 5, tiercel Peregrine/small male Harris.  Size 7, Male Harris/female Peregrine.  Size 9, female Harris/small male Redtail.  Size 11, male Redtail/female Gyrfalcon.  Size 13, female Redtail/Ferruginous.

Noble bells are sold by quality falconry equipment dealers around the world but if you’d like to buy them directly from this site, you may do so below if you do PayPal.  If you wish to use a credit card you may do that securely through PayPal with a few additional steps after you fill your cart.  The shipping/handling fee of $5.00 U.S. will automatically be added to your order and is for domestic shipping within the U.S..   For shipping/handling to countries outside of the continental U.S. you must click “international delivery” in the cart which will be $20.00 U.S..  You will notice that the Shipping/handling fee is charged for the package with ANY quantity inside therefore you save money by buying multiple pairs. 

If you don’t do PayPal or credit card, you can send a check or money order to Dave Noble, N8334 6th Ave. , New Lisbon, WI 53950

You will need then to send a note telling me the sizes and metal combinations you’d like shipped of course.


Noble Bell Strap Stamp