Bownet – 5 Foot Diameter


These 5 foot diameter bownets are fast action and collapsible.  Shown in the photo are, one bownet in the set position and one collapsed, plus the slip case, stakes and trigger.  See ‘Noble Falconry videos’ tab for a link to the video demonstration.


4 in stock (can be backordered)

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Custom 5 foot diameter Bownets for sale.

Ideal for the live capture of birds from Redtailed hawks on down to starling sized birds.  (Proper permits required to capture protected species of course!)  The short list of users includes Falconers, Wildlife Researchers, Bird Banders and the general public for certain species.   Check your local regulations.

I have spent the last several years developing and perfecting this design.  They are unlike any other Bownets on the market.

Features include:  1) Quick collapsible/deployable design, for easy transport.  Much quicker than others I have seen.  2) Very high speed and yet low inertia for safety since they are also very lightweight.  3)  Very low profile when set, and much lower profile than any other collapsible model on the market that I know of.  4) They are designed to have a pre-load (downward spring tension) when deployed to keep captured birds from escape.  This feature is absent in many other models on the market.  5) Included slip case.  6) Included custom trigger.  7) Included 10″ stakes, suitable for soft ground.

Springs are custom designed by me and all parts are machined and fabricated here in my shop.

The introductory price is $349.  US.Shipping will be $50 within the US for the bownet and if any other products are ordered, the shipping will then be free for them.

International shipping extra by quote. Please contact me for this.

This price is comparable to other basic 4 foot models now on the market and in many cases much lower because of high shipping costs of the non-collapsible models.

Bownets shown in stock will ship quickly.  Check stock quantity before ordering.

See video linked through’ Noble falconry videos’ tab for a quick demonstration.

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